Hoe Hoe Hoe

Thanks to everyone who has been following us this year. Another week to go and we’re in to 2015. I can’t believe how quickly this year has gone.

So last weekend we had the A and Z teams moving furniture to our new office!!! (More like a sketch from Monty Python)

Jim and Justin on Friday, made a sterling effort (with some small plaster damage!!), to make  one trip to the office with desks etc from storage, and it took 5 hours!! There was a lot of tutting about the time it took (mainly from me!!).

Then it was mine and Jan’s turn on Saturday morning. I travelled with gusto (on the bus) and wondered if I would find the storage facility . . . as it turned out, the bus stopped directly outside so I couldn’t have missed it if I tried.

The transfer of furniture out of the @Big Yellow Storage was fine, and we thought a second run would be easy, but getting the bits and pieces up to the first floor where our office is, was not!!  So, after 1 run, we called it a day and went for a well-earned bacon butty, and tried to get our breath back!

Ever onwards and upwards, we’ll be in the new office by the end of December, and looking for other start-ups to rent office space.

We’re a good group (well, I would say that), and looking forward to co-locating with others in the new year.

Best wishes to you all


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