We need you to test our system

Hello Again

Our Beta demonstration site is available for the world to play with, at demo.tibdit.com. We would love your feedback, good and bad.

We’ve been improving our website and updating team bios so now have Michael and Claudio included, pivotal members of our team.

I need to change my picture as it doesn’t look anything like Angelina Jolie!!!! I think there was a problem with the lighting!!

We’re excited to be taking on an apprentice developer who will also be involved in testing, IT & customer support. They won’t be required to make the tea as we all drink coffee! We interviewed a great bunch of people and hope our first choice says yes.

Anybody interested in buying some tibs or wanting to put the button/url on your website to start earning micropayments, please get in touch at [email protected]

testmode tibs are free and carry no value

test site available


I’ve come across a great music site @bandcamp.com. A way to pay or make a donation for music/video downloads, and they have the same  ethos as us; to prevent random ads being the way to monetise content. See an extract from their site below; nice:-

“Bandcamp is a service by and for people who care deeply about music, and part of that is not wanting to see every last piece of art in the world co-opted as “content” against which to sell ads for stuff you don’t need.”

Back to tibdit; we have our test environment available for anyone to try (using ‘magic’ money). Please give it a try and give us your feedback; positive and negative so we can ensure you have what you want for the live environment, due to roll out in a few weeks. The test site is at demo.tibdit.com.  Please send any feedback to [email protected]

Exciting times.

So Close

We’ve got a test environment up-and-running, but still have some snags to resolve. Happy for anyone to try, and provide feedback though :) Our snags involve the slider to set the value and volume of tibs, not sliding. If you click on the value or volume it’s fine, but it doesn’t slide if you drag it  (yet).

So . . . you can test how to tib a website, and register with tibdit using ‘magic’ money  . . . don’t get excited, it’s not real money (sorry).

The test site can be found at demo.tibdit.com.

We’re working hard, and late into the night; just as well the view from the office window is good, you can see the Shard and London Eye all lit up.

Well, it won’t be long now till making micropayments online is a reality, and we hope we make you proud @Clay Shirky.

Best wishes

team tibdit

tibdit thursdays

Every Thursday between 15:00 and 16:00 BST, we (Justin, Iain and Pauline) will be available to answer questions about micropayments and curiosity about the @tibdit solution. We’re here now if you want to ask us anything.
Tweet us at @tibdit

Weekly ‘live’ Q&A sessions

Every Thursday between 15:00 and 16:00 BST, starting today, we (Justin, Iain and Pauline) will be available to answer questions about #micropayments and curiosity about the @tibdit solution.
Tweet us at #tibdit

Exciting times.


We had some really positive meetings last week, especially with Tomer Kantor (@iamsatoshi), and met some great people at the Monthly Mini Bar Meetup.

Development of our #micropayments solution is going very well and our test pilot will be ready by the end of this week (woo hoo). We’ll have a test system anyone can use; the money-side will be based on ‘magic’ rather than real currency so we can iron out any issues before rolling out with GBP, USD, EUR & BTC.

If you’re interested in giving it a try, or just trying to break it, get in touch at [email protected]. We’d love to have you on board.

The Clock’s Ticking


So development has been progressing well and we’re only a couple of weeks away from our test pilot phase.

We’ve been working hard to identify potential pilot partners; both tibbers (payers/donors) and tibbees (recipients) to help us launch the test pilot.

We’re also starting to line-up potential investors for when our pitch goes live with @BanktotheFuture. We’ll be raising £140k for 20% of tibdit.

As well as enabling bloggers to receive micropayments as a thankyou for quality content, and online publishers to offer (e.g.) the rest of an article for a @tib, one of our slightly longer term aims is for sites to offer (e.g.) 1 day free of advertising as it’s an annoyance for everyone using the web. This is borne out by a great blog by @Whatsapp. The link is below for anyone interested in reading it. So true.


Thankyou for reading our blogs, and we look forward to providing a solution to the micropayments problem soon.

Men at work

As we’re all working hard to have our tibbing platform ready for the pilot in early October, we took the opportunity to gather the team together from across the UK (well, Newcastle upon Tyne, London and Reading!!), and Italy.  Claudio and Michael are working on the web development, with solution architecture advice from Justin. It was really beneficial to get the technical guys together in one place.

From L to R we have; Claudio Fiorini, Michael Sidon, Jan Rees, Iain Cresswell, Justin Maxwell, and Pauline Hunter (behind the camera).

We also had an initial meeting with @Reform Magazine on 27th of August; which was really promising. We are certain they would benefit from using the tibdit button on their site to receive micropayments as donations. Many thanks to @CharissaKing @Reform Magazine have 2.2k twitter followers and 147 fans on Facebook.

Getting closer

We were a minor sponsor of the recent @Blogstock2014 festival in Elstree, and registered some interested parties for regular updates and potential pilot partners. This was Iain and Justin setting-up the stand last Friday, before people arrived.

It wasn’t as well attended as we’d hoped and we managed to get absolutely soaked on Friday afternoon (as is the way with festivals in fields!), but it was a great learning opportunity and we met some great people. We had some logo’d badges and notepads to give-away which seemed to go down well, and we demonstrated the registration and tibbing process to a number of people to show how quick and easy it was.

Bloggers struggle to monetise their content without resorting to advertsing and tibdit is an excellent way to receive donations (tibs) that can mount up. Some of the more serios, longterm bloggers had in excess of 100k followers, if each of them said ‘thankyou’ with a 10p tib, that’s a fair income for quality content.

We took the opportunity to use the event as the backdrop to record our pitch video, with @BanktotheFuture too.

Michael and Claudo are making great progress towards having a live product by the end of September.

Micropayments R Us

a good week of web development and we should have the demo available for our stand at @blogstock on 8 & 9 August. We’ve also ordered a few ‘give-aways’ with the tibdit brand/logo e.g. mini notepads, pencils and button badges, that look pretty cool.

We’ll also be filming our @banktothefuture pitch video at the event on 9th August; really looking forward to it although I’m sure my northern (Geordie) accent might cause some problems. Justin’s Kiwi accent is much more mellow and easy to understand.

Iain and Justin attended the @General Assembly Social Media meeting this week and took away some valuable advice and marketing strategies.

Next week we’re focussing on further micropayments solution development, and Iain’s busy identifying potential tibbers (payers/donors) and tibbees (recipients).

Keep watching and contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions or comments.


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