Lunch in Peckham; not as simple as it sounds!!

Three of our team went to Peckham yesterday to sign the lease on our new office. Whilst there, we thought we’d explore the @Busseybuilding. Really cool businesses and artwork; example below. Outside there was a guy enthusiastically cooking bbq food under 2 Gazebos, playing music and dancing to it so we decided to order cheeseburgers. After about 40 mins, he wandered off, with a ‘I’ll be back in a minute, okay?’ leaving us sat under the Gazebos watching our burgers cook. 15 minutes later, we still couldn’t see him anywhere.

Then, the wind picked-up, knocking one of the gazebos towards the bbq where the flames were blowing quite high!!

Justin and Michael caught the Gazebo before it went up in flames and stood it back up, and I threw water on the bbq to stop a full scale fire. We didn’t want to leave in case the whole thing caught alight, so sat and waited, laughing nervously about the whole thing and wondering if our burgers would end up as cinders.

At one point, we thought it was all a joke or someone was filming us, but no, it was just an eccentric chef.   It was another 10 mins before he came back, from the opposite direction, to find us trying to get the burgers off the bbq, which had now been cooking for 1 hour.

Profuse apologies and another 10 mins and we had our burgers, which were very tasty; with some chargrilled-chicken (delicious) on the side.  Definitely worth a visit, so long as you’re not in a hurry. What a bizarre sequence of events, but so entertaining. Looking forward to more experiences when we move to Peckham in a couple of weeks.

Art on the wall of one of the buildings in the courtyard.


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