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We’ve had some great feedback from testing; good and bad, which has enabled us to improve the journey for both tibbers and tibbees, and give you a fast, easy solution. But we still need more testing . . . tibbees - How would you like to be able to monetise the content of your blog, or charity website or any other website by receiving micropayments?  That’s what we’ll deliver. tibbers - How would you like to say ‘thankyou’ with a tiny donation at a price that you’ve set yourself, rather than just press a ‘like’ button or ‘heart’? You’d know the recipient would be earning money for their quality content and you’d feel good about keeping them going without having to resort to advertising. We’ve also met up with 2 very talented people; @rasajusionyte and @Rosemin Anderson, founder of @rosapr who we hope to work with going forward. Anyhoo, hope you all had a great Halloween and have exciting plans for Guy Fawkes.


testmode tibs are free and carry no value

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    testmode tibs are free and carry no value