For tibbees

What is a tibbee?

A tibbee is the recipient of tibs, through a tib button, link or WordPress plugin.

What sites can have a tib button?

Most sites can have a tib button or, at the very least, a tib link. WordPress sites can use our custom tibit plugin, available from WordPress.org.  

The majority of other sites will be able to use a simple line or two of HTML to integrate a tib button. The instructions for creating these lines of HTML are available on our collect tibs page.

If the website will only allow you to insert a link, you can still use tibit. Visit our collect tibs  page for more details on how to get started.

How can I use tibit on my site?

A tib button or link can be used to either collect donations or ask for payments from readers or users.

For donations, a tib button or link can be placed in a number of places. For example, you could put it on your home page, at the end of blog posts, on a donations page, or next to items such as artwork or musical downloads. it can also be placed on a page at the end of a service session. The tib button can be as discreet or as obvious as you want.

You can also use tibit to collect payments for articles, downloads or to grant access to a service. We provide examples of how to do this on the collect tibs page. The technology behind the process works just as well on mobile browsers as it does on desktop/laptop pc’s & macs.

How do I sign up as a tibbee?

No sign up is needed. Simply install the code for a tib button on your website’s back end, or install the WordPress plugin. You will need to put your Bitcoin address into the code/plugin, and that’s it. For further instructions, see collect tibs

How do I receive money?

In order to receive tibs, you will need a Bitcoin wallet to receive your funds, as tibit transfers money to you in the form of Bitcoin. There are several online Bitcoin wallet providers which are simple to use, and we’ve provided a few suggestions on our collect tibs  page.

A Bitcoin wallet is a piece of software or online service that holds your Bitcoin at a Bitcoin address. The wallet gives you a private key for access, allowing you to spend your Bitcoin and to transfer it to be converted to standard currency. For more in-depth information about Bitcoin wallets, please visit Blockchain Info

Once you have a Bitcoin wallet, you can use the public address provided in your tib buttons and links. When tibit has collected a threshold amount of tibs for you or three days have passed, any Bitcoin sent to your tib buttons or links is transferred to your linked Bitcoin wallet.

In the case of tibbees (tib recipients) we do not hold any personal details on file, just a record of the Bitcoin payouts to a certain Bitcoin address.

Can I change the Bitcoin address of my tib button after I’ve placed it?

Yes, you can. If you change the address in your HTML link or in the code for your HTML tib button, then any tibs that are sent to will be delivered to the new address. In the case of WordPress, this can be altered on the settings for the tibit plugin, found on your WordPress dashboard.

Is using Bitcoin safe?

Using Bitcoin is perfectly safe - you will not be doing anything illegal by collecting tibs in Bitcoin, nor will you be prosecuted for using Bitcoin, if there are no restrictions in your country. Please be aware of any restrictions of bitcoin use in your country’s local laws and act accordingly. A brief overview of bitcoin legality is available here.
We recommend using a reputable Bitcoin wallet provider (such as Cryptopay and Bitpay) to keep your Bitcoin address safe, and to ensure your device has the latest security updates installed to avoid any issues of safety.

When do you pay out tibs to tibbees?

We pay out when you have received 5 tibs of any value.

Do I need to pay tax on the tibs that I receive?

You may have to pay tax on your tibs if you reach a certain threshold. Please check if there are any tax regulations your country’s local laws to confirm if you will have to pay tax.

How do I withdraw money in my own currency?

There are many ways of converting bitcoin back into local currencies. If you do not wish to handle bitcoin, there are some services that will provide for auto-conversion into your local currency. There are suggestions for online Bitcoin services that can convert your funds on our collect tibs page.

Can I accept tibs as payment for my (physical) product?

We do not currently support the use of tibs for the purchase of physical products, as tibs do not have a sufficiently high value to make this a compelling business case. Additionally, we do not intend tibs to be a refundable transfer of value, which is likely in complicated transactions involving physical products.

What is the ‘proof-of-tib’ token?

This is how you integrate tibs for access to content or downloads. This is a token that is sent back to your site to prove that the tib has been paid. This is entirely optional, and your use case will dictate if this is useful to you. Technical details for how this is processed are available from our collect tibs page.

How can I remove a tib button?

A tib button or link can be removed simply by deleting the relevant code from your site or post. If you are using the WordPress plugin, any buttons can be removed from the site individually or you can uninstall the plugin, removing any tib buttons on the site.

Since we do not keep information about tibbees on file, there is no need to contact us concerning removing your details from our systems.

For tibbers

What is a tibber?

A tibber is the person paying or donating tibs, through a tib button, link or WordPress plugin.

How do I sign up as a tibber?

Signing up to tibit is very easy for tibbers.You can either use your social media logins (Google, Facebook and LinkedIn) or you can sign up using just your email address and a password.
When you want to buy tibs, you can find the buy tibs page on the navigation menu., tibit allows you to use credit/debit cards or Bitcoin to purchase your tibs.

That’s all you need to do to sign up!

How do I tib?

Using your tibs is very simple. You can tib anywhere you see a tib button or tib link. Click it and it will open a confirmation window, where your tib and its intended recipient can be confirmed in a single click.
No sign in will be required at this stage if you have previously signed into tibit. If you have not signed in previously, you will be asked to sign in before confirming your tib.

How do tibbers pay for their bundles of tibs?

In most cases tibbers will use a credit or debit card to pay for their bundle of tibs - this can be done from the tibbing web app, alternatively payment can be made via bitcoin this also is integrated into the web app.

Do my tibs expire?

No, tibs do not expire. They will remain in your account until you use them.

Can I take a tib back after I’ve sent it?

We do not currently provide a mechanism to reverse a tib transaction, however if you feel that a tibee has acted improperly then you can report the tib and we will investigate - this could result in your tib being refunded by tibit. If you wish to report a tibee please do so within 24hrs of the transaction.

Where will tibber deposits be held?

Deposits from tibbers will be held by tibit in the currency that the tibs were paid for in until they are spent when they are converted to bitcoin and sent to the tibee.

I’ve been charged extra from my credit/debit card provider, is this right

There is a charge for card transactions used to buy tibs, this charge is clearly shown before you pay for tibs, any further charges to your account would not be paid to tibit, a currency conversion charge if you paid for tibs in a foreign currency for instance.

What is the minimum charge for debit/credit cards

There is a minimum card charge of 0.50 (GBP,USD or EURO) this is to cover the cost of the transaction processing and is clearly displayed before purchase.

Can I test before I buy?

A test mode is provided for both tibee’s and tibbers that can be used to try out the service at no cost - it is a fully functional version of the tibit web app that uses “magic” instead of money to pay for the tibs.

How do I give someone a tib?

The usual way to “give” someone a tib would be to use a tib button or link that they have provided - clicking this button or link will take you to a confirm screen where you can assert your intention to send them a tib. You can alternatively if you know a bitcoin address for the recipient
create a link for yourself, this would take the format: https://tib.tibdit.com/t/RECIPIENT BITCOIN ADDRESS>

Can you automatically top up my bundle if it runs out of tibs?

We currently do not offer the option to automatically top up you tibbing account, this is partly for security reasons, we choose not to hold any credit or debit card information at tibit.

Instead of pre-paying for a bundle, can I leave my credit card on file?

We currently do not keep any credit or debit card information on file, this information will need to be entered each time you want to top up your tibbing account. If you find yourself running out of tibs regularly please consider buying a larger bundle of tibs.

Can I switch to another bundle before tibbing?

Currently all the tibs in a bundle have to be used up before the next bundle will be used, tibs are always used in the order in which they are bought. This may change in the future.

Can I fund via bank transfer?

We do not currently offer this as a payment option, there are no plans to offer this service in the future.

Why can’t I set my tibs to any value I like?

The service is not designed to replace or compete with “macro” scale payments, the concept of a tib is a payment, tip or donation small enough to be used entirely casually without consideration beyond the desire to spend it, we recommend you set the value of the tibs accordingly.

How do I tib/collect tibs on third party websites, such as YouTube?

This depends on the terms of service of the site in question, but assuming that the site allows a simple link can be used to provide a means of tibbing just as it would on any other website, if the service allows tib button graphics could also be used. If there is a service that you would like to collect tibs on that does not currently allow it, we recommend that you contact them for permission, you can also let us know and we will help if we can; [email protected]

Why do I have to purchase a bundle of tibs?

The costs of processing individual tibs as card transactions would be prohibitive - this is infact one fo the problems that tibit was created to solve - buying bundles of tibs allows for these card fees to be spread over a much larger value. Additionally if each tib had to be paid for individually it would eliminate the simplicity of the tib spending process.

Why can’t I send several consecutive tibs to a content provider?

If we allowed multiple tibs to be charged/spent it would in effect turn tibs into a currency for transactions of arbitrary value, this is not the problem that tibit was created to solve and indeed there are many companies that exist to process these arbitrary value payments.

How do I log out?

If you would like to log out of tibit you can do so by accesing the tibbing app at tib.tibit.com and navigating to the “My Account” screen, then log out of all sessions. If you are not online and need to remove access to your tibit account you can do so by clearing all Cookies from your browser cache. We would always recommend that you log out from the web app if possible, please note you will have to log in again to spend tibs.

How can I opt out if I’ve already bought tibs/ Cancel my account?

If you would like to close your tibit account you can do so from the web app at tib.tibit.com under the my account section, if this is because of some deficit with the service we’d greatly appreciate it if you would leave us a note in the form provided to let us know what we have got wrong. We will refund you any balance remaining in your tibit account less a small admin fee.

Can I set my account so I don’t have to click the second “confirm to tib” button (i.e. one click confirmation)?

This is not something we currently allow for security reasons, it maybe something we can offer in the future.

Can I set my account so I’m always logged in?

Your account will stay logged in until you decide to log out, this only applies to a single device at a time. If you leave your tibit account unused for a very long period of time (several months) you may eventually be logged out for security reasons and will have to log in again.

Where can I tib?

You can spend your tibs anywhere you see a tib button or a tib link, if your favourite blogger or site does not have a tib button why not suggest it to them!


How does tibit make money?

We make money by taking a small slice of every tib you spend, this is just 2 pence (2 cents in EURO or USD) for every tib - this goes to pay the costs of running the service.

Why does the world need tibit?

The payments industry focuses at the moment on macro scale transactions of an arbitrary amount set by the vendor - tibit places the control for the transaction amount in the hands of the consumer and allows them to set their tib value to an amount that is inconsequential to them, this removes the barrier of deciding if something is equal to a certain value or if a donation amount is appropriate - at the same time the tibbing process is much simpler than using a credit or debit card - or indeed bitcoin - smoothing and simplifying the payment/donation process.

How will you control what tibs are used for, if there is no tibbee registration?

We will monitor are tibee’s for activity that is unacceptable and if necessary remove their ability to receive tibs, if you see tibs being used for something illegal or if you do not receive a service in return for a tib that was promised please let us know using the “report tib option” in the tibbing web app at tib.tibit.com or email us ar [email protected]

How do you detect fraud or potential money laundering?

We monitor our service for suspicious tibbing profiles and we will investigate any questionable activity.

How will you perform “Know Your Customer” checks?

The transactions that the tibit web app will process are below the threshold required for know your customer checks, if this should change we will adjust accordingly.

How do you manage Bitcoin’s volatility?

The processing of conventional currencies into bitcoin is only done at time of payment - we do not hold bitcoin as a company and therefore we are not directly exposed to market volatility.

What information does tibit keep on me, and how is it used?

The information we hold on a tibber is quite limited - we will store log in details in the form of an email address and password, or alternatively a OAuth credential linked to your account if you sign in with your social media account. In terms of personal details this is all the information we need and retain. You can provide additional details if you choose, to aid in account recovery should you for any reason lose access.

Your email address is kept confidential by tibit however we do allow people who you tib to send you a single email, this is passed through ourselves and your email address is not given to the third party, you may opt out of this when you tib someone if you wish.

Can I get involved with tibit?

Maybe you can, email us at [email protected] and talk to us!


What is a tib/tibbing/tibbers/tibbees?

A tib is a unit of money between 4p and £1 designed to act as a tip. You buy tibs in bundles, with each individual tib being the same price. It is spent by clicking a tib button.

tibbing is the act of spending tibs on the internet.

tibbers are the people who are spending tibs (i.e. blog followers).

tibbees are the people receiving tibs (i.e. bloggers).

How does tibbing differ from other donation methods?
  • tibbing allows small payments/donations to be made frictionlessly
  • tibit only takes 2p per transaction, so costs are lower to the recipient
What is Bitcoin and how does tibit use it?

Bitcoin is a digital currency based around cryptography allowing decentralised transfer of value without the involvement of financial institutions. Bitcoin has an public ledger that allows the everyone to see what addresses have sent bitcoin to each other. A more complete overview of bitcoin is available here.
the primary use of bitcoin by tibit is to dispense the value of tibs earned by a particular tibee to that individual or organization (we send them bitcoin to the value of tibs they have received)