Our motivation

 Spend a little

Since the dawn of the commercial internet, people have puzzled over the problem of paying small amounts online. How can smaller payments be successfully implemented in a way that people willwould engage with?

We want to see quality work rewarded with the online equivalent of pocket change. So many people - whether creative, corporate, or casual - make amazing content and provide great services. These entities either go unrewarded or have to rely on excessive advertising because of the cognitive barriers to giving or paying money through the internet.

To send money, the less likely they are to send it, even if they have the incentive to do so.

In order to make casual pocket-change-scale transactions possible online, a truly frictionless way to donate or pay had to be found. We believe we have found it in tibit.

 Help a lot

We don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to say we want to start an online social revolution. In our minds, tibbing could become the “please” and “thank you” of the internet. Tibbing should  be as natural as sharing on social media, but to the creator, that tib could make all the difference.

By creating an easy conduit for small donations and payments, people’s passion for things found and made on the web can take the form of monetary support. The more we reward quality content and services, the more widely available they will become.

With even large media companies struggling to find a  balance between subscription paywalls and advertising, the successful monetisation of online content has never been a more pressing issue. By creating a payment and donation system that people engage with easily and willingly, we can help to maintain the quality of content and services online without sacrificing integrity for money.

 Do it every day

By making the process of sending money less of a hassle, we aim to make internet donation and content payment a simple, frequent event. Though many might say, “Why only 4p to £1?”, we say that even the smallest monetary support can help to keep the good people of the internet doing what they do. Much like a busker can continue creating excellent music through the collection of small change, we want the noteworthy to be noticed and rewarded.

Our goal is to make tibbing on the internet an everyday social activity. We want to cheer on those who deserve supporting daily, in a way that can actually make a difference. We want to help tibbers be part of their tibbee’s journey, not just in terms of moral support, but in terms of giving what they can to keep the creator going. We want to make the online world a better, more supportive place.

Meet the team

Justin Maxwell

CEO, Founder

Justin’s dedication to solving the micropayments “problem” borders on obsession, but without it we wouldn’t be here! When he’s not working on tibit code late into the night, Justin can be found tweaking other things tibit until the early hours of the morning.

Pauline Hunter

COO, Founder

Although Pauline’s role is “operational and business management”, in reality she’s the heart and soul of team tibit. When not reworking the budget or providing office snacks, this gentle Geordie relieves tension by watching violence on Game of Thrones.

Grant Wyatt

Sales Director

In banking and finance, Grant’s insatiable curiosity, his zeal for problem solving and direct, jargon-averse leadership is almost legendary. Unfortunately, so’s his OCD! Having four sons, he needs no further motivation to work as hard as he does.

Carl Beetham

Business Advisor

Though as technical as he is tall, Carl grew his techie recruitment business to £10m. (Twice!) Adept at building strong relationships, he learned the hard way that motorcycles are dangerous, but his Ironman time remains 21 seconds quicker than Grant’s.

Michael Sidon

Senior Developer

Quitting investment banking for the startup life might not seem like a risk to some Cambridge graduates, but try explaining that to your parents! A born entrepreneur, Michael has hedged his current bets on teak shower benches. No, really.

Elena Vilimaitė

Junior Developer

Elena’s well-manicured hands are responsible for tibit’s front end. Her love of League of Legends keeps her up at night when tibit’s coding probably should. Critics of tibit’s front end are likely to feel the back end of a witty retort.

Russ Dean


Russ is tibit’s resident designer, being responsible for the look of both the corporate website and tibit’s online product. It’s hard to find a place that Russ hasn’t lived, having been bit by the travel bug long ago! (We’re just glad he’s settled on tibit!)

Rosemin Anderson

PR Consultant

As obsessed with grammar and punctuation as Justin is with micropayments, Rosemin’s mission is to take tibit to the masses. Despite any Ab Fab “Eddie” references, she’s aiming to make tibit a social revolution, mostly through being relentlessly positive.

Rob Hunter

Business Development Associate

Rob’s a cheeky Geordie with a flair for finding new business. His dress sense can be classified as “eclectic” - you won’t forget meeting him in one of his more adventurous shirts! Get in touch with him for a chat about what tibit can do.

Contact us

  • +44 20 3490 9030
  • Suite 2, 151 Rye Lane
    Peckham, Southwark
    London SE15 4TL
  • [email protected]