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  • Vacuum cleaner: Best of the Bunch

    Is your vacuum cleaner leaving you for dust?

    A poorly performing vacuum cleaner may leave behind twice as much dust as a Best Buy, plus it could leak the dust and allergens back out into your home - ruining your hard work

    Got pets? We manually comb real cat and dog hairs into carpets to see how well - or not - the vacs on test handle cleaning up pet hair.

  • You need a vacuum cleaner to suit your home. So we provide ratings for how vacuums perform on carpet, laminate and hard floors.
  • We don't just test the vacuum when it's empty, but fill it up in stages to see whenever suction drops off as the bag or canister becomes full
  • Vacuum cleaners can be noisy - with decibel readings varying form 70dB (fairly quiet) to 90dB (true conversation destroyer)
  • Vacuum cleaners vary wildly in performance - some are great for carpets, but the same model may not cope very well with hardwood floors. So to make sure you're buying a vacuum suited for you; tib now for access to the Best Buy reports, or sign up for a £1 trial subscription to Consumer Magazine!