pocket change for the internet

tibdit is bringing a viable solution to 'the Micropayments Problem' to market in Q2 2014.

our pre-alpha demonstration system can be accessed through the scenarios below.

Example Scenarios

Please note the following limitations and known bugs:

  • not all the scenarios are active. They will be rolling out progressively.
  • you may need to manually refresh (F5, [mac: Cmd+R]) some of the demo pages after tibbing to see the outcome.
  • you may encounter log in errors or problems purchasing tibs when using third-party (e.g. twitter) authentication.
  • we will be adding the ability to navigate between the scenarios, but for now you need to come back to this page.
  • the popup tib confirmation window content is not completely visible in all browsers without scrolling.
  • you can only purchase tibs at this time using magic, credit card payment is regrettibly not yet available.

It is intended to show approximate functionality only - very little attention has been given to the aesthetics.


The mockup demonstration site graphics were created using the excellent wireframing tool, Balsamiq.